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Remembering Angela R. Mathew

June 23, 1993 — February 10, 2014
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Angela Rachel Mathew ’15 spent most of her formative years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, graduating as a National Merit Finalist from the Albuquerque Academy in 2011. While at the Albuquerque Academy, Angela not only captained the Speech and Debate as well as the Track Team, but also received awards, distinctions, and commendations in a range of scholastic disciplines. 


At Harvard, Angela studied Neurobiology in preparation for a career in medicine, all the while pursuing, and excelling in, her wide-ranging interests. A few of her many accomplishments while at the College include being a member of Harvard Model Congress, an editor for the Harvard Crimson, and President of the Harvard College Science Club for Girls. 


Angela was also a co-Director of the Seminar Program that now bears her name. As a brilliant team member and competitor, Angela helped the Program to many top-place tournament finishes while winning individual awards. 


Angela’s friends and family remember her fierce devotion to friends, sheer brilliance, magnetic personality, incredible wit, and deep compassion. She excelled at anything she put her mind to, and dedicated herself to a range of passions: from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine) to law, writing and theatre to synchronized swimming and track, as well as volunteering. Indeed, Angela gave so much of her time to volunteering that it is impossible to keep track of the many ways in which she gave back to her community — from cooking at Ronald McDonald House to mentoring young girls who dreamed of pursuing science. 


Those who were blessed to know Angela are inspired by the impact she had; those who were not lucky enough to meet Angela are honored to learn from her legacy.


It is telling that so many awards and honors bear Angela’s name. Each represents just one facet of Angela’s incredible spirit. These include: 


Albuquerque Academy Angela Mathew Speech and Debate Award

Angela Mathew Track & Field Plaque and Memorial at Albuquerque Academy 


funds used to support the Albuquerque Academy track team

Angela Mathew Performing Arts Plaque & Memorial at Albuquerque Academy 


funds used to help underrepresented students prosper in Performing Arts

Harvard Angela Mathew Leverett House Science Award

Science Club for Girls (SCFG) Angela Mathew Outstanding Mentor Award

Raise Uganda Now (RUN) Inc Angela Mathew Education Center

Each year, the Harvard Mock Trial Association hosts the Angela R. Mathew High School Seminar Program. As we teach high schoolers about mock trial and public speaking, we seek to honor Angela’s spirit of kindness, public service, and shining exuberance. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 3.33.20 PM.png
Angela R. Mathew speaks at the Harvard Mock Trial Seminar Program. Fall 2013. 

— Glen Halya-Neubauer, President of the American Mock Trial Association

Angela lit up the circuit with her ebullient personality and her sheer brilliance. The Mock Trial community is poorer because of Angela’s passing.


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