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Our team members are among the best public speakers Harvard has to offer.

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Ashley Adirika
Miami, FL

Ashley is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House studying Government and Sociology. Ashley is passionate about using stories and numbers to empower marginalized communities through policy. Ashley serves as the Director of Tryouts, Training, and Mentoring and one of the B-Team Captains for the 2023-2024 season.

Outside of Mock Trial, Ashley serves as the Inclusion Officer on Harvard’s Undergraduate Student Government. She is also involved with the Institute of Politics and a number of affinity spaces on campus. In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time with those she loves, binge-watching “Scandal”, and exploring Boston.

Sabra 2023.JPG
Sabra Ahmed
Phoenix, AZ

Sabra is a first-year living in Thayer studying Philosophy and Economics. She is thrilled to continue with Mock Trial in college and become a part of the HUMTA community. In high school, she was involved in Teen Court, Choir, and a community-based organization called PHXHELPS. Along with HUMTA, she is a member of the Harvard Ethics Society and Institute of Politics (Campaign and Advocacy Program and Politics on Race and Ethnicity). Outside of Mock Trial, she likes going on walks, hanging out with family and friends, going to concerts, trying new jewelry pieces, and exploring Boston!

Jessica 2023.JPG
Jessica Alexander
Clifton, NJ

Jessica is a senior in Kirkland studying Psychology. She is a captain of HUMTA for the 2023-2024 season.

Outside of Mock Trial, Jessica is the Director of Internships and Career Services at the Institute of Politics and volunteers at the Phillips Brooks House Association.

In the three hours she has left after practice, you can find her watching The Devil's Advocate for the 16th time while perfecting sliced fruit for her fruit tart recipe (it's harder than you think).

Dari Almonte
Rockland County, NY

Dari is a sophomore in Pfoho studying History with a secondary in Economics. This year, she had the pleasure of serving as one of the three amazing Seminars Directors. If she’s not at mock trial practice or perfecting her southern accent, you can find Dari dancing in Harvard Eleganza, planning events for the Dominican Students Association, or trying (and failing) to play intramural volleyball.

Aditi 2023.PNG
Aditi Ambravan
Chicago, IL

Aditi is a sophomore in Pforzheimer House, planning on concentrating in Social Studies with a citation in Chinese before heading to law school. Aditi's passion for law was ignited during her high school years, where she actively participated in mock trial and debate. Now at Harvard, she is enthusiastic about continuing her involvement in Mock Trial.

Beyond her Mock Trial commitments, Aditi is part of the Harvard Public Opinion Project through the Institute of Politics. She channels her passion for advocacy and her drive to effect meaningful change by collaborating with local governments. In
her free time, Aditi enjoys traveling to new places, listening to all kinds of music, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog.

Halyna 2023.JPG
Halyna Bowley
Toronto, Ontario

Halyna is a first-year in Wigglesworth. She plans on concentrating in Math and Philosophy and to pursue citations in Ukrainian and French. She is excited to join the Mock Trial team, and get to know her amazing teammates.

When not talking about how she should really be doing her p-set right now, Halyna likes to go on walks with friends, do crosswords, and crack funny yolks (all her friends agree).

Cara Chang
New York, NY

Cara is a senior in Leverett majoring in History with a minor in Government. Cara is a president emerita of the program as well as the 150th President of The Harvard Crimson. An aspiring litigator, Cara loves talking about anything and everything politics or law. When not studying, writing, or organizing, she can be found dancing offbeat to BTS with friends, rereading Narnia for the zillionth time, or golfing with her parents.

Cara is grateful for the challenge and laughter she’s found through HUMTA.

Miruna 2023.PNG
Miruna Cioc
Chicago, IL

Miruna is a first-year intending to concentrate in Government and Psychology with a language citation in Spanish and French. Miruna competed in Mock Trial all throughout high school and is thrilled to continue learning trial advocacy skills with HUMTA!

Outside of Mock Trial, Miruna is involved in the Romanian Student Association, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and plans on joining PBHA. In her free time, you can find Miruna watching "NCIS" for the 7th time or biking with her family.

Cayla 2023.JPG
Cayla Coleburn
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Cayla is a junior in Kirkland House, concentrating in History with a secondary in Government and a citation in Spanish. This year, Cayla is co-director of HUMTA's Boston Tea Party Tournament. Outside of mock trial, Cayla also does volunteer work with the Philips Brooks House Association and historical research at Harvard's Radcliffe Institute.


When not competing or spending time with the team, Cayla likes to read, do logic puzzles, listen to musicals, and watch basketball.

Kejsi 2023.JPG
Kejsi Demaj
Boston, MA

Kejsi is a third-year student in Quincy House studying Government and French. She is a former Co-Seminars Director and a current Co-Director for the Boston Tea Party Tournament. In addition to Mock Trial, Kejsi is actively involved with Harvard Women in Law, Harvard Political Review and Harvard Albanians Students Association. In her free time, Kejsi enjoys spending time with her friends, practicing her French, and figuring out her next travel plans. Kejsi is beyond excited to continue being a part of the best organization on campus, HUMTA!

Anthony Fletcher
San Antonio, TX

Anthony is a junior in Eliot House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. He joined the mock trial team as a sophomore. Outside of Mock Trial, Anthony is a part of Black Diamond Capital, Crimson Business Board and the Rugby team.

Outside of schoolwork, Anthony can be found either explaining the merits of country music, explaining why Texas needs to build a bullet train, or trying to learn Spanish.

Patris Haxhiaj
Chicago, IL

Patris is a junior living in Cabot House, planning to concentrate in Government or Social Studies. After competing in Mock Trial throughout high school, Patris decided to continue competing in college. He is grateful for the amazing people he has met and the challenges that he has faced as a competitor with HUMTA. Patris previously served as Director of Tryouts, Mentorship and Training and enjoys working with all the amazing people of HUMTA.


Outside of Mock Trial, Patris is involved with the Harvard Albanian Student Association and the Harvard College Consulting Group. In his free time, Patris enjoys playing basketball, reading, spending time with family, and playing the guitar.

Simone Hogan-Murphy
New York, NY

Simone is a senior in Mather House  and concentrating in Social Studies. She is so excited to continue with Mock Trial in college! Simone is a president emerita of the program.

Outside of Mock Trial, Simone is involved with the Resource Efficiency Program and is always happy to talk about environmental issues (particularly as it relates to Harvard’s sustainability programs). She loves to hike, read, and spend time with friends and family. Her 9 a.m. class necessitates caffeine; ask her for caffeine recommendations beyond your usual coffee.

Brooke 2023.JPG
Brooke Jones
Easton, CT

Brooke is a sophomore in Cabot House concentrating in Government with a citation in Spanish. Outside of Mock Trial, Brooke works on the collaborations team of the Harvard Votes Challenge and volunteers with the Phillips Brooks House Association.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys reading, long-distance running, baking, and talking about current events. She is so excited for another incredible year of HUMTA!

Sherry Liu
Las Vegas, NV


Sherry is a senior in Eliot House studying Applied Math in Sociology with a minor in Computer Science. Around campus, Sherry is involved in Tech for Social Good and the Wine Society. In her free time, she is an enjoyer of podcasts.

Lauren 2023.JPG
Lauren Mei
Orange County, CA

Lauren is a first-year intending to double concentrate in Psychology and Theater, Dance, and Media. Lauren is a film actress working in Hollywood who is passionate about AAPI representation within the media. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness within the entertainment industry. Lauren attended an art’s high school where she pursued acting and was named a YoungArts Gold Award Theater Finalist as well as a U.S. Presidential Scholar in the Arts. She intends to further pursue her artistic endeavors at Harvard studying the intersection between acting and psychology.

Lauren is a huge film nerd and in her free time enjoys watching movies. She is also an avid ballet dancer, jewelry maker, & thrifter.

Chris 2023.JPG
Chris Mesfin
Columbia, MO


Chris is a sophomore concentrating in Environmental Science, Public Policy, and Economics. Chris is passionate about Environmental Policy and is on the executive board of the Harvard Climate Coalition. Chris was a Policy Debater in high school and is excited to be doing Mock Trial now in college!

With any spare time that he has, you can find Chris watching tik-toks or TV shows, hanging out with friends, or exploring how many different ways he can procrastinate.

Braedon Price
Bowling Green, KY

Braedon is a senior in Lowell, concentrating in either Government or Economics while pursuing a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy. In high school, Braedon was extremely involved in speech competitions, Varsity soccer, FFA, and community service. He’s beyond excited to be part of the HUMTA community and brings his passion for public speaking and agricultural advocacy to Harvard.


Outside of Mock Trial, Braedon loves working as an Associate in the Harvard College Consulting Group and is a member of the amazing Harvard College Faith and Action community.

Anant Rajan
Atlanta, GA

Anant is a senior in Leverett house concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in History of Art and Architecture. He plans to attend medical school to become a surgeon and be a real life expert witness. On campus, Anant writes for the Crimson Editorial Board and is a tenor in The Harvard Lowkeys, but you can probably find him working in the lab or in the neurosurgical ICU. When he’s not doing mock or pre-med, he loves doing accents and impressions, health policy work, and drinking staggering amounts of coffee.

Ivana 2023.JPG
Ivana Ron
Temecula, CA

Ivana is a junior in Dunster House planning to concentrate in Government or Social Studies. After competing in her high school Mock Trial team, Ivana is super excited to continue her Mock Trial career in college. She is so grateful for the amazing people she’s met and can’t wait to continue competing with HUMTA and serve as one of this year’s B-Team Captains! In her free time, Ivana loves to hang out with friends, spend time with family, listen to music, explore Boston, bullet journal, and add to her growing collection of sunglasses. 

Daniel 2023.JPG
Daniel Salgado-Alvarez
Des Plaines, IL

Daniel is a senior in Leverett House concentrating in sociology and East Asian studies, with a focus on Korean language and culture. He has competed all four years of college and co-captained the B-Team during his sophomore year. Also, he is serving as one of this year’s social chairs!
Outside of Mock Trial, Daniel is an office and events assistant at the Korea Institute and is a member of the Mellon May Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Tejas Vadali
Chicago, IL

Tejas is a junior in Mather House studying the Classics. Never having done mock trial before joining HUMTA, Tejas loves the action and emotion of the courtroom, especially when it gets so quiet you could hear a pin drop! On campus, Tejas is involved in the South Asian Association, SCAS, HULC, and interns at Harvard Law School’s Legal Services Center. Aside from mock, Tejas loves the outdoors, reading, watching and playing sports, traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with his two puppies Fred and Lola.

Dhriti 2023 updated.jpg
Dhriti Vadlakonda
Clarksville, MD

Dhriti is a sophomore in Currier House studying engineering sciences. After doing mock trial all throughout high school, she is beyond excited to pick it up again in college.

Outside of Mock Trial, Dhriti sings with The Radcliffe Pitches, dances with Harvard Ghungroo, organizes Harvard's Model United Nations conferences, and does patient outcomes research at MGH!

In her free time, you can find Dhriti laughing the night away with her roomies, on the way to/back from her Holy Trinity (Black Sheep Bagel, Ten One Tea House, and Playa Bowls), out shopping and feasting in Boston, and binge-watching the latest drama series on Netflix.

Audrey Vanderslice
New York, NY

Audrey is a senior in Winthrop House, concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science and a citation in Mandarin. Audrey has competed in mock trial since her freshman year of high school and decided to continue in college after seeing how awesome everyone in HUMTA is. A five-time All-American, Audrey is a former Co-Captain and Director of Tryouts, Training, and Mentoring.

When she is not doing mock trial, Audrey is pitching to clients for the Harvard College Consulting Group, giving tours with the Crimson Key Society, helping manage the Harvard Student Agencies endowment, or researching potential investments for Black Diamond Capital. 
Outside of extracurriculars, you can find Audrey cooking, playing board games with her roommates, or FaceTiming her little sister.

Jacob 2023.JPG
Jacob Winter
Swartz Creek, MI

Jacob is a senior in Leverett House. He concentrates in economics with a secondary in government and plans to attend law school. He joined HUMTA as a first-year after competing for three years in his high school mock trial program. He is currently the president of the organization, and he co-captained the B-Team during his sophomore year.


Beyond HUMTA, Jacob is a course assistant for Ec10, a member of the senior staff of Harvard Model United Nations, and a research associate at the Cato Institute. He has gone kayaking a couple of times and really enjoys it.

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